Revenue Fundraising

Trusts & Foundations

 Review your work in light of how trusts and foundations might view it.  Prepare a case for support (or case statement) that outlines your work or project and the costs involved.  Research and recruit 'high-level people' who have contacts with trustees of relevant trusts. Meet with these people to ascertain who they know and who they are willing to approach on your behalf. Organise personal letters to their contacts before you submit formal applications. Prepare a trusts timetable outlining the trusts to apply to throughout the year.  Train staff in how to write successful trust submissions.

Paddy has a great deal of experience with fundraising from trusts. It is important to treat trustees and officers of trusts and foundations as individuals in their own right.  We will try and pass on your enthusiasm for the cause or project onto these people before the formal process of an application.  This can increase the chances of success some four- or five-fold. We believe in a similar process for livery companies.  


 Assess your corporate contacts and how to develop more.  Make the most what businesses can do for your charity (e.g. with corporate joint promotions). Understand what motivates the corporate donor and include this in your approaches. Produce stunning materials to show that you are serious, maximise on any existing corporate relationships. 


 Communicate with people sensitively and appropriately to persuade them to leave you legacies. Research the legacy income the organisation may have already received. Advise on patterns of legacy giving for your type of charity and its location. Write and produce effective legacy materials. Understand your audiences - cold & warm prospects, requesters, intenders and pledgers - and how to carefully approach each type.  Advise on the linkages between legacy administration and legacy marketing. Review your general publications, newsletters and website for legacy marketing opportunities.

Do all this in an appropriate and sensitive way.

Legacy Marketing is a specialist topic and needs to be undertaken very carefully. We have particular expertise with legacies (in 1997 Paddy won a national Award for Excellence in Fundraising from the Fundraising Institute of Australia for the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Legacy Marketing Strategy where he was Director of Public Affairs at the time).  Legacy marketing is the most cost-effective fundraising you can do with many charities spending only 3-5% of their budget on legacy marketing and achieving 30-60% of their income from this one source.  



Make special events work (and actually make money).  Understand how you get others to do your events for you. Produce `standardised events’ which work for you on an annual or continuous basis. Consider the possibility of producing a D-I-Y Fundraising Pack that allows people to undertake events on your behalf - anything from barn dances to jumping out of aeroplanes. 

Don't fall into the 'events trap', that soaks up much of your time, energy and resources. Make events work for you.

Training & Coaching


Train trustees, staff or volunteers in any aspect of fundraising. Lead ‘brainstorming’ sessions or workgroups focusing on an holistic approach or a particular part of your organisation’s fundraising. 

Paddy can mentor staff or trustees within your organisation - to support them to better understand fundraising and in a more strategic way.

Interim Assignments

Paddy is sometimes available for part-time interim assignments as CEO or Fundraising Director for charities in the UK. 

Interim assignments include periods of 3-9 months with organisations such as the Refugee Council, St Clare's Hospice, Orbis and Global Witness.


White Lodge Centre

 "We engaged Paddy to undertake a thorough audit and review of our fundraising activities and to advise us on the methodology and management of fundraising for the next three years. Subsequently to this we engaged him further to support us in a networking exercise. For the initial assignment, Paddy undertook a thorough fundraising review and advised us on how to increase our fundraising.  For three months he met with key trustees, fundraising and other staff, researched past, present and future funding sources, studied internal documents such as job descriptions, strategy papers, fundraising reports to the trustees etc. Then he wrote and presented his report to the trustees at their meeting. Following this meeting, we used Paddy to undertake an extensive ‘networking exercise’ among supporters of White Lodge Centre to unearth contacts into potential major donors and trustees of relevant trusts.

"His work was delivered on time and he regularly reported on his progress. He has the expertise and resources to deliver a high quality service and we were very happy with his work, so much so that we would certainly recommend him to organisations looking for fundraising advice and support." 

Ocean Youth Trust South

  “Ocean Youth Trust South is a small charity with limited fundraising experience but plenty of enthusiasm. In common with other small charities with one member of staff and limited resources, we were initially nervous that a fundraising consultant might prove very costly, recommending projects which would require us to pay more consultancy days for the work to be carried out. However, Paddy quickly developed an excellent understanding of what is realistic for us, and what suits our own working culture. His efforts have been largely directed towards maximising the effectiveness of the fundraising efforts of our one staff member and the volunteers, ensuring that our work is directed along the right lines while providing support, encouragement and new ideas as needed.

He has been an immensely reassuring presence and we have more than doubled our income from donations over the last twelve months. He is now helping us prepare for our biggest-ever appeal, at least £1.4 million to design and build a new sail training vessel. This is an immensely daunting task, but Paddy has helped to give us confidence. With his support, we are on our way to turning ourselves into decent fundraisers!”

St Clare's Hospice, Essex

 “We got to know Paddy when he advised us on our forthcoming capital appeal, so when we needed interim expertise we turned to him to lead and manage the fundraising department as Interim Director of Fundraising (part-time) for a period of nine months.  In this time he got on extremely well with his colleagues and managed his staff with expert efficiency – growing the department and seeing through some essential changes that we had to make. He was both steady and innovative at the same time and we thank him for his time with us.

We would recommend him to any charity looking for expert interim support."